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big things on the small screen

“Anthony Thaxton is an extremely talented painter, multimedia artist, musician, singer, and storyteller. It’s just not fair to the rest of us that he is also an excellent videographer, director, and editor. Anthony is one of the most creatively talented people I have ever known. We have worked together on various projects for 15 years and he has always done the work of two or three people, but with the efficiency of one. He is a consummate professional and works tirelessly to meet deadlines.”



Four Seasons on Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Palate to Palette

with Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters

Airs throughout Mississippi and in Memphis, Birmingham, Philadelphia, PA and more

The Hour

Time That Makes The Difference

The United Methodist Hour began as a radio program in 1971. Reverend John McCay, serving as Superintendent of the Hattiesburg District of the United Methodist Church at that time, supervised the start-up of the half hour program dedicated to spreading the gospel. By 1975, the program was airing on 15 radio stations across Mississippi.


Over the years, The Hour has won broadcasting awards which has included Awards of Excellence for Best Video Programs, Best Radio Programs and more.  


The program has been produced by Thaxton Studios for over a dozen years.

Learn more at thehour.org

Airs nine times a week in Memphis, Tennessee

We Believe In Memphis

with Shane Stanford and Maxie Dunnam

Memphis television program

with Dr. Shane Stanford

Broadcasts of WDBD Fox 40 and WWJX in Mississippi

Lakeshore Church

with Pastor Jay Frazier

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Two Mississippi favorites -- chef Robert St. John and artist Wyatt Waters – follow their passion for cooking and painting across the state in their new series Palate to Palette. The duo travels from the Delta to the Coast, sampling local fare, whipping up scrumptious dishes, and painting watercolors of the locales. These best friends have loads of fun on their road trips. They even travel to Italy and beyond. Thaxton Studios produces these programs which then air on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. It's a favorite program for many. Join the fun!

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We Believe in Memphis is a television show recorded on the Christ Church campus in Memphis and hosted by Dr. Shane Stanford and Dr. Maxie Dunnam. We Believe in Memphis takes an honest look at the troubles of our city, but celebrates the profound goodness found here as well.


Thaxton Studios produces the program on location in Memphis and completes the post-production in our Mississippi location.


Learn more at webelieveinmemphis.org

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You Matter

You Matter is a television show recorded on the Christ Church campus in Memphis and hosted by Dr. Shane Stanford. Powerful teaching and inspiring messages of hope and encouragement are trademarks of Pastor Shane Stanford.


Thaxton Studios completes the post-production in our Mississippi location.


Learn more at christchurchmemphis.org

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Lakeshore Church is a Congregational Methodist Church led by Pastor Jay Frazier. Powerful teaching and preaching is the foundation of this weekly message broadcast, and we are proud to be a part of bringing it to broadcast.


Thaxton Studios completes the post-production.


Learn more at lakeshorecmc.org

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