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“There are few people who are truly ‘renaissance ‘men...but Anthony Thaxton’s imagination, artistic vision, and creativity make him one of them. He is the most diversely talented and immensely gifted person I have ever worked with. He is one of the most thoughtful and personable individuals around. I savor every opportunity I have to work with him.”



A major documentary on the life and art of The Islander

Walter Anderson

We are currently in the early stages of production on a major documentary on the life of "the south's greatest artist," Walter Anderson. Extensive intimate interviews have been filmed with each of Walter Anderson's four children, and principal interviews and photography are being started now. The project is being produced by Robert St. John and Directed by Anthony Thaxton.


Stay tuned for more information

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The story of a former Lucasfilm/ILM Matte Painter

Frank Ordaz

Currently in production is a documentary by filmmaker Anthony Thaxton and award-winning fine artist Frank Ordaz chronicling Ordaz's experiences as a matte painter during his time at Industrial Light and Magic. Ordaz worked on the special effects of the Academy Award-winning Return of the Jedi and numerous other productions while working with George Lucas’ company.


The documentary will explore Frank's path from ILM to illustration to fine art. Among many fascinating segments of this this documentary, Frank connects with many of his fellow “ILMers” who reminisce on their pioneering, inventing and creating experiences, how their lives were changed through this team effort and how the models, characters and images they created not only transformed themselves as creative people but also changed an entire generation on this planet.