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Anthony Thaxton studied art and graduated with Honors from Mississippi College and taught painting, graphic design and video production in public schools of Mississippi. Anthony is also an award-winning television producer and documentary filmmaker. His photos and videography have been featured on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends,, and in the pages of Charles Stanley’s In Touch Magazine.  Anthony is married to Amy Thaxton, another Mississippi College graduate, and they have two children, Bryant and Sydney. The Thaxtons live in Raymond, Mississippi, where they continue to produce documentaries, television programs, and fine art.  





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Anthony Thaxton shares his inspiration and faith while painting watercolors, acrylics and more.  Enjoy these short videos as our gift to you.


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Here’s the story of a young man courting a beautiful young lady. He wooed her the only way he knew. . . through his art. Amy and Anthony were both teachers. Their schools were three hours apart. But they were as close as the next letter. Enjoy this archive of the illustrated love letters sent by artist Anthony Thaxton to his beautiful fiance, Amy. PAPERBACK, 90 PAGES, FULL COLOR.

Anthony Thaxton revisits the Gulf Coast of his youth to bring you these great watercolor techniques and tips. Join Anthony on location in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi as he teaches washes, drybrush, mixing, color, and many other techniques. You'll enjoy this visit as Anthony paints three great demonstrations and works his magic!



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